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Heading to school japan only requires nine years of compulsory education the japanese education system consists of six years of elementary school, three years of middle school and three years of high schooljapanese elementary schools tend to be highly-organized but fun and emphasize community. Japan's culture japanese culture has made many important contributions ikebana is the art of flower arranging, bonsai is the cultivation of miniature trees and origami is the art of paper folding. Japan is an island nation in east asia located in the pacific ocean, it lies to the east of the sea of japan, china, north korea, south korea and russia, stretching from the sea of okhotsk in the north to the east china sea and taiwan in the south.

Top ten most bizarre facts about japan are from food to the toilet, to the people to sushi, from the language to how japanese speak. Food is very serious business in japan though i spend a lot of time thinking about the things i eat, i was still blown away by how much thought goes into the preparation, consumption, and appreciation of japanese food. Learn something new and find out these 23 interesting facts about japan you probably never knew, each with stunning pictures of japan.

Japan facts: facts about japan that will blow your mindjapan is an island nation in the pacific ocean tokyo is the capital of japan read the interesting facts about japan below. Comprehensive introductions of japan by theme such as governmental structure, economy, society, culture, and sports available in english, spanish, french, chinese. From michelin stars to the famous harajuku neighbourhood, take a look at the top 10 facts about japan's capital, tokyo. Few other countries with thousands of years of history have made as great of an impact on global culture today than japan here are 50 facts about the mysterious, beautiful and charming country. Read cnn's 2011 japan earthquake - tsunami earthquake and learn more about the disaster that struck japan in march of 2011.

The people of japan call their country as 'nippon' which means 'the land of the rising sun' read more about the country that has more pets than children. Japan has fried chicken, rabbits andpenis festivals well, if you look at it closely, there are many facts about japan that will come as a surprise. I've been to japan seven times, once staying for five months most of the facts in the video new to me (free dry ice in supermarkets) this short video presents 50 interesting facts about modern.

Learn more about japan's economy in the index of economic freedom the report includes the japanese population, gdp, facts about japan, business, trade, unemployment and other economic data. Information, history facts, and activities on japan japan is a country lying off the east coast of asia it consists of a great string of islands. Read cnn's fast facts about japan and learn more about the country of islands located off the eastern coast of mainland asia. These 23 japanese culture facts run the gamut from food, to sumo, to dinner etiquette while the japanese may seem strict, they are forgiving of foreigners.

  • Geography japan is an archipelago, or string of islands, on the eastern edge of asia there are four main islands: hokkaido, honshu, shikoku, and kyushu.
  • The japan national football team (サッカー日本代表, sakkā nippon daihyō) represents japan in association football and is operated by the japan football association (jfa), the governing body for football in japan.

Current, accurate and in depth facts on japan unique cultural information provided 35,000 + pages countryreports - your world discovered. Very recently, japan made headlines worldwide for breaking world record speed, when its maglev trains reached a maximum speed of around 600 kph during test runs but speed is not the only thing that's amazing about japan's trains below are a few more interesting (and sometimes surprising) facts. Japan facts the ykk on zippers stands for yoshida kogyo kabushiki kaisha which is the name of the founder of the japanese zipper company.

japan facts Japan in china: war and occupation before and during world war ii pearl harbor, japanese victories and occupation in southeast asia island-hopping and the war in the pacific.
Japan facts
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